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More Brisket

This brisket was 16.6 lbs, $3.49 per pound, from Costco.

0730: started trimming.  I’ve separated the point and flat again, so I expect this to be done around dinner time, although I’ll probably have to pump up the temperature around 1300.

0815: 4 tbsp salt, 4 pepper, 2 garlic powder

0830: on the smoker at 225℉.

1230: 173℉ and 177℉, which I would guess is past the stall

1400: 174℉ and 178℉, so still going slow.  I upped the temperature to 275℉.

1720: 209℉ point and 198℉ flat - close enough!

1730: put on some serranos sliced in half at 225℉ (just above boiling).  I’ll wait an hour and see how they’re doing.  I hope they take smoke nicely, and also dry out.

The brisket was fantastic, the flat was tender enough despite the temperature (although I’d prefer to hit my desired 204℉). The serranos didn’t change much, and they made me throw up - not because they were bad tasting, but for some reason I get this reaction sometimes when eating peppers. I think every time it has been serranos that did that to me, so perhaps I’ll just avoid eating them by themselves in the future.