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Turn the Ship Around

I just recently finished the book Turn the Ship Around, and I don’t have anything insightful to say but I did want to recall some points from it. I found the book to be fantastic and insightful - I agree completely with Captain Marquet’s leader-leader style, and hope in future positions I can remain as committed and mindful as he was to creating environments like the one in the book. I think the practices in the book are very similar to those adopted by agile software teams and mission command leadership styles.…

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DoD Architecture Framework Notes

Doing a little more reading about what Digital Engineering & MBSE are supposed to encompass, I looked into DoD Architecture documentation. I’ve seen some “OV-1” documents before, and found them to be intuitive (when they weren’t too dense). I did not know where the nomenclature came from… Now I do. https://dodcio.defense.gov/Library/DoD-Architecture-Framework/ The DoD office of the Chief Information Officer released the current version of the framework back in 2010. Now - while I think it is still completely applicable, and I acknowledge that perhaps it hasn’t needed any updates in that time… I think the age of this framework since last update probably says nothing good about how well it has been used and loved.…

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Model Based Systems Engineering

I’m doing just a little learning about Digital Engineering, which seems to be almost synonymous with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). The concept of MBSE is that, in contrast to more traditional methods where the team-of-teams creates documents to coordinate all efforts (think long contract-style English text), the team creates a variety of models. Some of those models would be UML-like diagrams, others might be executable. Each model interface provides a view on the underlying data & model - a view useful to some of the development teams for understanding what must get build.…

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Exploring VPC Networking in AWS

This is a tutorial for a class I’m teaching right now.

Amazon’s documentation of Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) is excellent. It is in-depth, and covers many use cases. It’s too complicated for the class I’m teaching though.

This tutorial will cover the topic of creating Internet-accessible and non-Internet-accessible EC2 instances within the same VPC, by hand within the AWS Console. At the end we’ll have one Internet-accessible Linux box which will be able to talk to a second, non-Internet-accessible Linux box. The instances will be accessible on ports 22 and 4000 from anywhere.

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AWS Lambda Function URL Hello World

The ability to create a URL to AWS Lambda functions has existed for a long time - but has never been as easy as it is today. In April AWS announced Lambda Function URLs, and now adding a world-usable non-authenticated URL can happen in the Lambda function creation wizard.

With great power comes great foot-gun though… When the whole world can easily access your Lambda function URL, without authenticating, the whole world can run up your AWS bill easily.

Delete your Lambda function when you’re done with this tutorial

This blog post is a tutorial for creating a simple Hello World application using this new Lambda feature. I’m teaching some folks in my unit how to use AWS, and while there are many Lambda Hello World tutorials out there I didn’t find one that was quite right. This tutorial will go through almost the simplest setup possible, deploying Python code at a URL, then will iterate on the initial code to demonstrate some basic computation.

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Rust Number Conversion - Don't Follow the Book...

I’m at an intermediate level with the Rust programming language. I’ve done a year of adventofcode, a medium-sized API server project, and little more. While refactoring some code in my project recently I got rid of some of my explicit string conversions and let the type inference system and From/Into do their jobs. Now that I’m more comfortable with reading code using From/Into patterns I think it’s actually simpler - I can easily understand and trust what the type inference system does in those instances.…

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During this leadership development course one of the instructors quoted one of his previous mentors saying that leaders should have stories ready about: mission, discipline, loyalty, and safety This is in line with what one of my former mentors told me more briefly, “you need stories”. Ok - I thought, but stories about what? I have stories… I can tell a story… Typically I’m coming up with something appropriate on the spot.…

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Military Feedback

It will be a continuing struggle to stay on top of how the Air Force is changing in the feedback system, and the systems they add over the years. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2490030/air-force-announces-airmen-leadership-qualities/ Here’s a new one I need to stay on top of - a new additional feedback form. It looks fantastic - the “Airmen Leadership Qualities”. During the Leadership Development Course communication section, the Chief said: Great leaders help people understand their “now”, then help people understand the future…

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Dear White Colonel

This is an interesting article shared as part of this leadership class I’m in right now: Dear White Colonel … we must address our blind spots around race What I liked about this article is that by describing instances where the topic got steered wrong, and the author’s feedback about what got missed when that happened, the article provides a roadmap to steer conversations back in the right direction. I feel like these examples really resonate with me - as if I’ve been a part of conversations like this.…

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