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Meeting: Setting ROE, and Introducing

Setting Rules of Engagement (ROE)

Before a recent off-site the boss set the expectations for the event. This struck me as an extremely useful tool. I particularly liked the ROE - I think stating these early got everyone out of their normal mode of working and into the mode conducive to the event. It seems like developing ROE and purpose like this is good to consciously do for many types of event. It’s not unlike a normal meeting agenda.

He also set kind of a “mission” with “why are we here” and “goals”, I think I would have set specific minimum deliverables though.

The ROE from this event:

  • Open & honest feedback
  • Attack the idea not the person
  • You are here for a reason
  • Internal debate, non-attrib
  • Quality over quantity

Introducing Meetings

Earlier today I was thinking about a meeting I have setup to discuss something I’m passionate about. I was considering how I would introduce the meeting, and realizing that I would introduce the meeting significantly differently from how my co-organizers might. I plan to go in with passion and excitement, and they might feel too constrained to do the same. Compared to them I do not have to be constrained.

This made me realize why it’s great to have a boss introduce a meeting. If they are passionate or at least concerned with the topic, they can introduce it in such a way as others might not. I realized there are meetings I’d be excited to introduce, and other leaders probably feel the same. Asking them to introduce the meeting then isn’t about honors, or deference, and isn’t inconveniencing them… It isn’t about showing everyone how important the meeting is (although that is also a result).

For the right person and topic, introducing the meeting acts to set the right tone for the meeting.

I think I’ve seen a lot of intros by leaders that miss this piece.