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Grilling a Whole Chicken Texas

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Time to grill a chicken!  We’re using mojo sauce from HEB - it’s oil, Mediterranean flavors, a bit of citrus and spice.  I got a “roaster”-sized chicken, and want the temperature to hit 165℉.

1930: butterflied chicken is on the cool side of a two zone grill, skin up and legs toward the hot.  Burner is on half, initial grill temperature says 350℉.

1955: chicken hadn’t hit 100℉ yet, and the grill was still at 350℉ so I turned it up to about 3/4.

2005: that only brought the grill temp up a bit, so I turned it up to high.

2015: grill is just over 400℉ now, breast is at 125℉ with darker meat at about 145℉

2030: breast is at 140 now, but the hottest part of the dark meat is over 175.  I flipped it, put the skin down on the hot side, and moved the hottest meat further from the flame.  I also put the mushrooms on the hot side.

2045: white meat, at it’s hottest point, was 165℉, but other parts everywhere were cooler.  I turned on the second burner, high, to get everything hot for a couple minutes.  I took off the mushrooms because they were done.

2050: grill is back up near 450 and climbing

2100: I took off the chicken

This was great but took too long.