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Grilling a Whole Chicken

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We have a leftover chicken in the freezer, so it’s time to grill up a whole chicken again! We thawed it in the fridge over a couple days, then I marinated it in a bottle of Jerk sauce. I still haven’t found a great bottle of Jerk sauce - none are even approaching the right spiciness. Oh well. The chicken is medium sized, not as large as a roaster.

1910: Started butterflied chicken on the grill, cold side, skin up, legs towards the fire. I drizzled the bag of marinade over the raw chicken. When the breasts hit 130℉ and the legs 145℉ or so, I’ll flip it over and hit the skin for 5 minutes until breasts are 145℉ or so.

1940: Breasts are at 110℉.

2000: Breasts are between 131℉ and 145℉ - time to flip it and crisp the skin.

2005: Taking chicken off to rest 10 minutes.

Delicious. After it rested, I sliced it up and put on more Jerk sauce. I heated up the sauce before basting it on. Definitely do that again.