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Pulled Pork November 2023

Some friends are coming over around veteran’s day… Time for some pulled pork. 17.3 lbs pork butt from Costco for $2.29 per lb. Using 1.75 cups of Memphis dust, and .5 tsp salt per pound (2.75 Tbsp).

2200 11 Nov: pork is on at 225℉, apple wood chips, red probe on top blue on bottom.

1020 12 Nov: top is at 175℉, bottom at 165℉.

1240: 180℉ top, 171℉ bottom. Bumping temperature to 275℉.

1500: 196℉ bottom, 207℉ top… Well, I gotta take it off. It’s time.

Despite pulling half of this off a little early (196℉ is a bit early…) this tasted fantastic. Some was a bit tough - not sure if it was the hotter or cooler meat (probably the cooler meat), but once pulled it was fantastic.