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Easter Lamb

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Costco leg of lamb, 4.6 lbs, $5.49 per lb.  Slathering it in, per lb:

2 cloves garlic
.25 Tbsp salt (this is a change from the past, when it was too salty)
.25 Tbsp pepper (to match the salt now)
.5 tsp oregano
.5 Tbsp rosemary (my current recipe says .5 tsp but I don't believe it, so I'm trying Tbsp)
.5 tsp thyme
1 Tbsp olive oil

So, 5 cloves garlic, 1 1/8 Tbsp salt, 1 1/8 Tbsp pepper, 2.25 tsp oregano, 2.25 Tbsp rosemary, 2.25 tsp thyme, 4.5 Tbsp olive oil.  Ish.  This isn’t rocket surgery.

We’ll smoke it at 250℉ until it hits 160℉, probably a bit more than 2 hours.

1430: meat is prepped

1500: meat is on the smoker

1700: meat is at 156, close enough! Time to make the potatoes and rolls.

1720: meat is off at 162, perfect.

The flavor and texture was fantastic. I think this amount of salt, pepper, and rosemary was correct.

Looking at this a few days later - I miscalculated garlic and did not do enough… Oh well - it could have been more garlic-y.