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One-File Password Safe

TLDR: if you need a one-file HTML/JS password safe check out https://passpilot.com

This is a follow-up to my earlier one-file tool post, which is under the “one-file tools” tag.

I’ve been wanting a one-file password safe for a long time. At work I do not have access to a password safe and have resorted to using an encrypted Word document. This is not as insecure as it once was - but ergonomically it stinks. It also doesn’t help me with two-factor tokens, but I wrote a little Javascript to help with that.

I really am not supposed to need passwords much at work - or two factor tokens. We have had a widely deployed, nice, secure two factor solution for years - smart cards. I think smart cards are fantastic - I acknowledge that they have problems but I think the tradeoffs are pretty nice and compare favorably to other solutions.

Anyway - I still have lots of times where I have to use a password, or two factor TOTP, or both. I want to use good passwords so I have to store them outside my brain.

A password safe I can use at work needs to meet these requirements:

  • Approved by my organization - this is not something I can accomplish myself, and there’s no real system for me to get software approved, so basically I can count on a web-browser and Microsoft Office. Thus - HTML/JS or macros.
  • Requires no resources external to my network - our network security is no joke, and our policies are no joke, and I also take them seriously, so I want all resources to remain on my desktop or work network.
  • Needs to support TOTP - this is a compromise in how TOTP is supposed to be used… But some things require 2FA TOTP and I have no other solution than to store the token like a second password, then run the TOTP algorithm on it when needed. Ideally then my password safe would support it built-in.
  • Better than an encrypted Word Doc.

That leads me to my discovery today…


It basically meets all those needs up there. There’s also a cloud storage version. The interface looks great… Check it out.

I need to verify that it makes no resource requests, but initially it doesn’t seem to. I checked quickly using Chromium dev network tab - it doesn’t seem to make any external resource requests when taking any action. That’s perfect.

It’s open-source-ish - by which I mean that while there’s a Github, the source is basically just the final HTML/JS/CSS file. I suspect the author had some other build components that got compiled into that combined file but :shrug:.

Check it out.