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Smoke All the Things 2

16 lbs of brisket from Costco at $3.99 per pound (and people act like brisket is crazy expensive…), 15 lbs pork butt at $2.29 per pound, 4.87 lbs top sirloin at $5.99 per pound, and about 5 pounds salmon at $11.99 per pound.

I’m going to try to cook the brisket and the pork butt at the same time… I think it’ll fit and not overload the smoker, but I’m a bit worried about that. On the brisket I’ll use 4.5 Tbsp salt, 4.5 Tbsp pepper, 2.25 Tbsp garlic powder. On the pork butt I’ll use 2.5 Tbsp salt, and about 1.5 cups of Memphis dust.

2120 30 June: smoker starting at 225

2230: brisket is on

2250: pork is on, with the marked probe

1600 1 July: all of it’s off - the temperature probes are going bad, I let the brisket get to 210 and pork past 207 before getting it off

1635: fish is on

2035: fish is done and looks perfect

2100: jerky is on - I started drying it out on paper towels at around 2000. I’ll let the jerky go overnight so I don’t have to clean things up at 1 am

The brisket and pork taste great and there seems to have been no problem from putting them in together. I had the pork over the brisket, and the point over the flat, so I think the pork would have dripped grease on the point and the point on the flat, and that might have helped keep it all as moist and nice as it was for dinner tonight.