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Smoke All the Things

Today I’m smoking brisket, salmon, and lamb.  Last night I brined the fish, then got it drying around 10, and started the smoker at 1250.  I’ll smoke it until about 1700, then do the lamb to 160℉, then do the brisket overnight.  The lamb is 5.7 lbs at $7.99 per lb, brisket 14.2 at $4.99 per lb.  Unfortunately the brisket has a ton of fat on it - this was a bad buy.  Doing these all at the same time means I only have to clean the smoker once.

12 Feb 1320: fish is on the smoker

1450: lamb is in the fridge marinating

1720: fish is done

1750: lamb is on at 250℉

2030: lamb is done!  It is between 157℉ and 160℉.

2130: brisket is on

13 Feb 1300: brisket is done, everything’s off!

You know, the lamb bark is a little salty.  I think maybe it always has been.  Perhaps next time I should use a similar salt content as I do with brisket and salmon and such. Otherwise everything was great. Unfortunately one of my temperature probes is having trouble now - the marked one - it looks like an open circuit.