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Managing Culture

This video discusses organizational culture - I don’t love it because it’s too cheesy-motivational to me.


One think I do like about the video is that it provides some solid ways to change organizational culture. By providing a solid definition (even if it’s not the one I’d choose), the video is able to specify how to move the needle against that decision:

  1. clarify
  2. embody
  3. celebrate

Determine what behaviors will be rewarded or corrected in your organization, and clarify that to the entire team. Embody those behaviors and live up to them. As someone in my group said with the embody piece, “you get what you tolerate”, so correct or reward the right things. Find the right things to celebrate and do.

Some of these definitely strike chords with me as things we can do more deliberately.

From our team culture discussion, there are some culture points that I like and want to remember:

Cultures of the team:

  • Accountability
  • Displaying respect
  • Thoughtful feedback
  • Collaborative communication

Cultures of the individual:

  • Creativity
  • Honesty
  • Ownership
  • Recognizing individual value