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Smoking Lamb

4.13 lbs, $5.99 per lb, from Costco San Antonio

I’ll use almost the same setup as last time but .5 Tbsp less salt (only 3.5 Tbsp), I only have 6 cloves of garlic, and I don’t have fresh rosemary so I’m using the dry stuff.  Plus, I’m using apple wood.

1120: started smoking!

1420: meat is at 157℉ according to the probe, and Thermapen says that’s my lowest temperature in the meat…  Time to come off!  Only 3 hours.  Now I’m planning to do salmon so I set the temperature to 120℉ and try to cool the smoker off.

1440: salmon is on.

Salmon came off in the usual 4 hours. Both were fantastic as usual - the saltiness was fine for me.