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Pulled Pork and Salmon and Mmmm

14lbs pork butt at $1.89 per pound from Costco.  5.9 lbs salmon from Costco at $6.99 per pound.

Raw pork, on a cutting board

Ready for the rub!

2025: started the smoker, with apple chips this time, at 225℉.

2050: salted and Memphis dusted the pork, 1.5 cups dust, .5 tsp salt per pound (2 1/3 Tbsp).

Raw pork, but covered in memphis dust rub, on a cutting board

Rubbed and ready

2110: it’s on the smoker!  Marked probe on bottom.

Raw pork in a dusty smoker, with a backyard in the background

Starting to cook! Fortunately the lighting on my deck is awesome in this spot.

A beautiful, large salmon filet in its store packaging next to a cutting board

Almost too pretty to cut, and maybe I wouldn’t if I didn’t know how fantastic this stuff is when it’s cooked

2130: salmon is brining in the fridge.

Raw salmon in bags in a refridgerator

Starting the brine

Three slightly burned sourdough loaves in pans on an oven

It was about this time that my sourdough got done. Too done.

0830: 165℉ and 172℉, raising the smoker to 275℉.

1200: 192℉ and 205℉, starting the fish drying.

Fish in the fridge in a glass baking dish and suspended on metal drying racks

Drying in the fridge

1345: bottom probe says 199℉, and that’s the one I’m trusting.  I think the top one is in too shallow.

1430: 201℉ - close enough!

Smoked meat in the smoker, with temperature probes emerging from the top, clearly done

Looks beautiful!

1500: fish is on!

Beautiful salmon filets in the smoker


Pork, all pulled and ready to eat or store

This tasted fantastic, but most of it still goes in the freezer

1900: fish all done, a little over temp at 152℉.

Completed, smoked salmon, still a pink color similar to before it went on, but slightly darker and with some browned edges.  More shiny than previously, due to the maple syrup I mop on.

So pretty, so tasty.

I couldn’t notice any difference due to the apple wood. Maybe I’m just an unsophisticated bum.