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Brisket and Salmon in Texas

I’m back in Texas! And Sarah’s living here for the first time. She had only visited, previously. I’ve already taken her to a local BBQ place that was great, she tried the brisket as did I. Her standards are set high! I’m pretty confident about how this first Texas brisket will turn out though so I’m not worried 😉

I picked up a 15.65 lbs brisket, $2.98 per pound from Sam’s. I ended up cutting more fat off than usual, so that’s not amazing. I also picked up some $8.98 per pound Atlantic salmon (skinless, Sam’s has both), a 3.25 lbs filet and 3.42 lb’er.

20 Jun, 2000: smoker on at 225℉

2100: trimmed brisket and ate dinner, put on 4/4/2 Tbsp salt/pepper/garlic powder

2110: it’s on!

2145: fish is in the brine

0900: 185℉ point and 189℉ flat, from this point it’s probably 2 hours to 200℉ and a third hour to 203℉ (although that was with putting the smoker at 250℉, which I’m not doing)

1010: fish is drying out in the fridge

1015: 195℉ and 197℉, smoker is registering a little hotter than I expected, perhaps it just finished a heating cycle

1340: 201℉ and 202℉

1420: brisket off! 202℉ and 203℉

1430: fish on at 120℉

1840: fish is off and delicious

2000: steaks are on the grill, but that’s a story for another time