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Smokin a Turkey

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Alright! It’s Christmas! I meant to do this a week ago, but the turkey was still frozen, so we’re doing it today. If it turns out terrible we’ll be eating Chinese for dinner.

I got a pre-brined 12 lbs turkey for less than $1 per pound, put olive oil on the skin, then sprinkled on the rub I use on pork butt because it’s similar to what this person recommends anyway. We’ll smoke it at 225℉, and it should take about 6 hours at that temperature. We’ve got temperature probes in the turkey, so we should know when it’s done.

1020: bird on the smoker, smoke holes half open.

1620: it’s chugging along nicely. The places where I originally put the temperature probes are over-temp now, by a little, but the base of the breast is still at 161℉. I moved a probe to that spot. We have sides cooking too, so I bumped the temp to 275℉ to get it done a little quicker.

1700: all done! It was juicy, delicious, and we have a bunch leftover. The rub was a fine choice, although it’s not adding all that much to the turkey. Adding more flavor through a brine or rub could be good next time.