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Personality Inprocessing

One of the things every leadership course includes is some discussion of personality types. Usually everyone has to take or retake a personality test for the Myers-Briggs system.  You usually go around the room at some point and talk about, or show by example, the effects of each piece of the type.

Then, at some point, they recommend building teams with a diversity of personality.

But who actually ends up doing that?  Sure, any reasonably good builder of small teams and assigner of tasks considers personality when doing that job.  Good managers even consider diversity of personality as one input.  Who goes to their list of people and Myers-Briggs types and uses that list?*

Well, I should.

Build and Make Available a List of Personality Types for People Under My Command

When you show up to a unit there’s always a questionnaire about who you are, who your family is, birthday…  And that should include personality type. I’ve actually seen this on one inprocessing questionnaire, I believe.  It’s easy enough to add on there…  If someone hasn’t taken a test in the last 2 years, ask them to take it again!  Things change.


A recent leadership course introduced me to the 5 voices system.  This also seems great - the predictive power of the system, and the way it got people talking, was interesting to me.


Aside from just collecting this info, it should be on SharePoint so other leaders in the unit can access it easily.  Along with birthdays and such.