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Mission Qualified

Commanders of operational units maintain their flying qualification. Most units in the Air Force aren’t flying units, but all have some mission they’re responsible for.

Remain Qualified on your Mission System

Once a quarter I should spend a day making sure I’m up to speed on the mission my folks are doing, and if possible I should get some practice actually doing it. At the least I should sit alongside folks as they execute the mission.

It’s important to understand what your folks are doing each day, to understand what problems they face, and to ask of them only things you’d be willing to do yourself. What better way to do that then to sit beside them and work. The social benefit is also easy to realize with this technique.

Remain Qualified on your Mission System

This needs to be time set aside on the schedule, that doesn’t get pushed around by meetings, that doesn’t get interrupted… This is mission qualification time, and it needs to be a priority.