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Mastermind Meetings

When I was flight commander, supervising a group of fellow nerds with nerd jobs, I spent almost all of my time on the administrative requirements. They needed me to do the boss stuff - that was my official position!

I really wanted to do the nerd stuff though. It’s more fun, it’s my strength, and I’ve got more experience with it… I’ll admit that as the boss I had input into many nerdy problems, and having that was rewarding.

These nerds had issues holding them back, and I had problems that could use nerd solutions that I hadn’t clearly identified (or for which I hadn’t identified someone to do the work). Putting all the problem solvers together with the problems has a ton of value, and brainstorm-like meetings can help solve that.

It doesn’t necessarily get me any time to work the nerd issues though - to exercise that part of my personality.

By the way, the type of nerd problem I’m talking about is cyber-related - that’s my field so I think I can call us all nerds safely.

Some talk about “mastermind meetings” or “evil genius meetings” - getting all the nerds together to talk about and solve their issues, usually at the tactical or operational issue. This isn’t regularly something the commander hops-in on, it’s an opportunity for the technical experts to sit around and solve problems over a beer.

I’m a technical expert too though!

I need to make sure I hold mastermind meetings with the types of nerd I resonate with. I need to make sure technical experts in the other fields I supervise also get together for their own mastermind meetings… I can set these expectations as the boss by finding the leaders in these groups and empowering them with time and support.

I’ll need to make sure rank and position are left at the door though. Free-flow of ideas is critical to this type of session.

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