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Know Your Why

I’m personally driven by a few ideas… Things I’m pretty passionate about. Improving cyber security in the US though education is a major one.

When I remember my goals they my action. Why do I want to volunteer to teach at a college? Why did I spend time building K-12 python, cyber security, and boolean logic short courses? Why do I look for opportunities to have my knowledgeable folks teach the rest of my folks?

That passion is my why.

People that know their why are much more effective followers and leaders. It’s maybe important to work their why into their work…

Make Sure My People Know Their Why

This is the real reason why we make sure our followers know how they got into the mission, why they’re critical parts of the mission, and why the mission is critical. If they don’t already have a “why”, that gives them one.

Why should I get out of bed? Go into work? Give a shit?

Make Sure My People Know Their Why