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Build on My Strengths and on My Peoples’ Strengths

Everybody has a strength. Probably more than one. We are better-employed when we use our strengths. When possible, improving your weaknesses can make you a more effective individual… But we already possess our strengths and can put them to work now.

Build on My Strengths and on My Peoples’ Strengths

Know your peoples’ strengths and put those strengths to work. Build teams with a diversity of strengths. When a task lines up with an individual’s strengths, put them on that task.

It’s just fun and feels good to get to use your strength. It feels like someone hit the easy button. We have enough things to do that we can’t always be working on our weaknesses – maybe we can’t hardly ever work on our weaknesses. If tasked to our strengths, we’ll do the things that matter to the organization and we’ll do them efficiently.

Probably everyone who works for me will have something they do better than me. Some strength I cannot match. Use that! As a leader I need to delegate all tasks that I don’t have to do myself. Delegate them to the folks that are better at those tasks than I am.

Build on My Strengths and on My Peoples’ Strengths

This one is kind-of a no-brainer. But often (at least in the military) we spend a lot of time working on our weaknesses – putting ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable so we get better at those weaknesses. Making ourselves more general. I think that makes us stronger as individuals, and that’s great.

But it’s a hard way to work. I need to remember to press that easy button for my folks more often. Develop them strategically – look for those opportunities also… But in everyday tasks look for that easy button.