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Sourdough Part Doughs

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Gonna try to make it lighter this time by catching it at peak rise.

1900, 10 May: made pre-ferment. Measured by weight, which resulted in less ingredients by volume than he recommends.

0945, 11 May: added rest of flour and ingredients.

1145: finished stretching/folding.

1700: it still hasn’t risen as much as I’d hope for. It’s certainly risen, but it’s taking its time.

1900: the book recommends letting it increase by 50% by volume. Has this increased in volume by 50%? Maybe. Hard to say. Based on height compared to splatter in the bowl, I’d guess that it has. Time for the next step.

Has This Risen Enough?

In Da Pan - For Final Rise

It’s kindof a wet mess tonight. It has been moister than last time at each stretching, and now it’s quite sticky. It really didn’t take shaping. If I had any experience making bread, I would’ve added more flour I think. It just doesn’t seem like the right consistency, but I’m gonna let it go this time and see what I get.

And I got a taste of the dough - quite sour too! At least that’s right.

No time to final rise and bake tonight, anymore, will have to let it sit in the fridge until tomorrow.

Late afternoon, 12 May: took the bread out of the fridge, let it warm up, then baked it.

It has clearly risen a bit more

The dough still seemed too wet this afternoon, but everything seems to have baked well.

The result is… Pretty great! Nicely sour I think, light enough as shown by the great looking hole distribution in there… I really don’t have any negatives right now.