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Smoked Steaks

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One of my best buddies got us some steaks for our wedding, and now it’s time to smoke a couple of them! Four of the steaks are half pound fillet mignons, so I’m smoking two. I’m wrapping two slices of applewood bacon around each steak, putting 1/4 tsp salt on each, and smoking them at 225℉. I’ll use the thermometers, smoking them to 130℉, then searing top and bottom on cast iron.

1645: Steaks on! Initial internal temperature, 60℉.

1710: Steak at 90℉.

1725: Steak at 114℉.

1745: Steak at 133℉, taking it off to get a sear.

The result is fantastic, buttery, delicious, medium rare, smoky. Next time I would leave Sarah’s on until medium well, this time I just microwaved it gently for her. Ideally, next time I would put it on the grill towards the end, to crisp the bacon like she likes it. Also, each fillet only needed one strip of bacon.