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Introducing the Hitchcock

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Some trucks have testicles, mine has a Hitchcock.

The Hitchcock on the truck.

The Hitchcock on the truck.

Yes, that’s supposed to be the outline of Alfred Hitchcock.  It looks a lot like Harambe though…

Hitchcock in profile

If you want to make one, check out the Thingiverse thing here.  Download all files, open the zip up, and under “files” you’ll find an “stl” file.  Hop on over to https://www.hubs.com/, click “start manufacturing”, and upload that “stl” file.  I used regular PLA plastic and printed in white to try to avoid any discoloration due to sunlight inevitably breaking this thing down.  If you want a recommendation for a specific hub to use over there, these guys printed this Hitchcock, and I’m sure they’ll do a great job for you too.

For the next go with this, I’ll add some definition to the print, and maybe change the way the right side and bottom are laid out.  Having something that looks like Harambe is also great, but it might be a clearer joke to everyone else in traffic if it’s clearly Alfred Hitchcock staring back at them.