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UK 2017 Odds and Ends

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Sarah and I are in line to get on our Norwegian Air flight home. I guess it’s time to wrap these posts up.

Some things to mention.

There’s lots of free WiFi. Still, having data access over the air is amazing. Google Project Fi gave me data access everywhere for the same price I pay at home. Phone calls are a bit expensive, but who makes those? WiFi calling is normal and texts are free.

Ireland is on the Euro and the UK is on the pound.

Currently it’s very easy to travel between the UK and Ireland. We didn’t try to go to Belfast, but apparently there’s no border, even. That may change as Brexit progresses.

Google Maps is a great way to find food to eat. The reviews system is as popular here as it is in the US and as it was in Italy. I didn’t try Yelp or anything.

Google Maps is also a great way to navigate public transit. It knows the bus schedule and changes, getting live updates everywhere we went except Cork. In Cork it still knew the intended schedule, though busses were always late. Google Maps knows your walk time and the transfers you need. With trains too. It’s great.

The upper deck on the bus is a great way to get a cheap tour.

Beans are good for breakfast. They’re just baked beans. British sausages are amazing. Blah blah blah lots of filler blah blah blah not all meat blah blah SHADDAP! They’re delicious. That is all.

You can carry and drink beer on most streets. Why can’t we do this in America? WTF mate?

I’m sure there are things I want to recommend that I’m missing. But that’s what I’ve got for now!  We had a blast here and are looking forward to coming back sometime.