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San Antonio Hackerspace

Apparently San Antonio has a hackerspace now.  Up until a few minutes ago, this image was alongside the rest of their “About Us” page.  I think that by observing the page I changed it, so perhaps it’s a quantum webpage.

Princess Leia and C3PO, making out.

Leia’s going to cut her tongue if she’s not careful.

Anyway, these are a bunch of nerds interested in ham radio, building hardware and software, and talking about all these things.  This makes me even more excited to head back to SA.  I don’t want to lose this nerdy motivation I’ve got right now, as a consequence of school, and I guess this seems like an appropriate environment to cultivate that.

In the next few years I’d like to come up with a PhD research topic, and somehow get involved in whatever field that’s in.  My masters topic involved reverse engineering embedded system firmware, with the goal of furthering embedded system security.  I don’t think I want to continue down that exact road, but maybe I’ll reverse network card or cell phone radio firmwares and see what kind of vulnerabilities those contain.  Perhaps there are classes of frequent bugs in those devices.  Participating in something like a hackerspace might keep me motivated to do that kind of research.

Another cool thing I found today - the San Antonio IEEE Computer Society chapter.  The details about their last talk sound interesting, even if their webpage is in no way exciting.  Now I’ve got two groups to check out when I get down there.