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Mustache November

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For some reason November is now Mustache November.  Now we’ve got two months out of the year where we have to grow mustaches?  I don’t get it.  This is supposed to be some statement about masculinity or something?  Whatever.  You don’t have to grow a mustache, ride a motorcycle, or drink whiskey, to be a man (although admittedly all those things are awesome).

Men should know how to stop a toilet that’s overflowing, and we should know how to change a tire.  The dudes over at Art of Manliness have compiled a bunch of things every guy should know.  The link is to a list of 31 things every man should know before heading out on his own.  Here’s something else:

Potential Navy SEALs face many challenges … [a] challenge every candidate must complete is the Underwater Knot Tying Test. During the first phase of BUD/s, students are taught five knots–the Bowline, Square Knot, Becket’s Bend, Clove Hitch, and Right Angle–which they’re required to tie one at a time underwater, each on a single breath hold. How would you do on this test? Why not take it yourself and find out? Below, we provide instructions in both photograph and video form on how to tie the five required knots, and then set down the test conditions you’d experience at BUD/s, along with a video demonstrating how the test is performed.

I think everyone can agree that is bad ass.  So bad ass it split that word in two.  When will you ever be required to tie a knot underwater?  You never know - that’s the point.  You probably really only need to know one of those knots though - the square knot is easy and effective.

These are really things that everybody should know how to do, not just men.  It’s not good to be stranded on the side of the road because you can’t change your tire.

Also, Mustache November is some kind of prostate cancer awareness thing, so it’s not too ridiculous.


Kevin - Nov 5, 2012

Wow, the Art of Manliness is not the Dr. McNinja-inspired machismo fest I expected it to be… there’s a lot of good stuff there! Added to Reader.

dustin the wind - Nov 2, 2012

So are you or aren’t you growing a mustache?

finity - Dec 5, 2012

Ha - no. If I were to grow a mustache it would look like uneven lip bird poop. Have you seen the pics of Boutz as a PI on Facebook? It’s like a Halloween costume or something. That dude could rock some facial hair…