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Middle Eastern Language Patterns

I dropped cable TV a few years ago, and when I finally got a Roku I started getting some news again.  Watching the Arab Spring on CNN International last year, and tuning into Al Jazeera English at any time, I’ve noticed that interviewees from the Middle East tend to use many more analogies than Western speakers.  These news channels interviewed folks from all walks of life all over North Africa, and out to Afghanistan, and I noticed this pattern regularly.  The speakers had some apt, colorful analogy that they could toss into their regular speech.  I was impressed, but it made me wonder what the cause of this difference was, or if I was just imagining it.

Stars and Stripes: Poetry of the Taliban

“They aren’t poets, but they have literary sensibilities, and this is part of their culture, where practically every time someone utters a sentence, there is some kind of metaphor involved,” Kuehn said.

Still no explanation, but at least I know this phenomenon exists.


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Middle Eastern Language Patterns