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Facebook is not AFF

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So, maybe a year ago I changed my “religion” on Facebook, because I wanted to make sure I had something in there that really defined me. I settled on “Coed Naked Motorcycle Hiking”, because I like motorcycles and I like hiking and “coed naked” seems to go pretty well in front of anything. Facebook didn’t think this religion existed, so I created a page complete with a photo from Waking Ned Devine. You know, that scene where the wrinkly old dude is riding a motorcycle naked. It seemed appropriate, and I guess I had old shriveled dudes on my mind for some reason.

Today I find that someone took an interest in my made up religion:

A Facebook notification that someone liked my made up religion.

“Cool!”  I exclaimed.   Is that a dog in his profile picture?  “Let’s find out more about this person!”

The Facebook page of a nudist.

WTF dude?  Is this allowed on Facebook?  If it is it should not be.  Maybe I’m just a prude or something, but damn.  This honestly made me think that maybe Facebook should go back to college students only.  I’m past that now, but come on folks, Facebook is not Adult Friend Finder.


dustin the wind - Oct 6, 2012

This is hilarious. Keep up the good work Karl.