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Deploying Github to Dreamhost

One feature I lost moving from Wordpress to Hugo for this blog was the ability to write a blog post from anywhere. I really liked being able to do that… I could be riding in the car, or smoking brisket at 2 AM, or on vacation without a computer, and just login and write something. I wanted that back - a posting solution from my cellphone. The reason I lost that ability is because the simplest update process for Hugo is:…

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PHP: The Right Way

There are a lot of pitfalls to using PHP, and they bite new users quickly. “Spot the vulnerability” is a cool site which highlights examples of these pitfalls: http://spotthevuln.com/ (BROKEN NOW) Of course, PHP is a pretty speedy way to develop any type of server-side web code. Josh Lockhart has put together a list of best practices for PHP development and tailored it to new PHP developers: http://www.phptherightway.com/ If developers would follow the recommendations in the databases section it would take care of so many vulnerabilities out there today.…

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