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Deploying Github to Dreamhost

One feature I lost moving from Wordpress to Hugo for this blog was the ability to write a blog post from anywhere. I really liked being able to do that… I could be riding in the car, or smoking brisket at 2 AM, or on vacation without a computer, and just login and write something. I wanted that back - a posting solution from my cellphone. The reason I lost that ability is because the simplest update process for Hugo is:…

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Archive Pages

I recently converted this blog over from a WordPress installation to use static pages generated by Hugo. I’ve used Hugo for my other recent web creations and I’ve been very impressed. The templating system is very nice, the page generation is lightning fast, and I’m always able to find something near what I need in the themes. One WordPress feature I liked was the listing of articles by year and month… My blog had a little timeline on the side with each year and month listed, annotated with the number of postings I made during each.…

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