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DoD Architecture Framework Notes

Doing a little more reading about what Digital Engineering & MBSE are supposed to encompass, I looked into DoD Architecture documentation. I’ve seen some “OV-1” documents before, and found them to be intuitive (when they weren’t too dense). I did not know where the nomenclature came from… Now I do. https://dodcio.defense.gov/Library/DoD-Architecture-Framework/ The DoD office of the Chief Information Officer released the current version of the framework back in 2010. Now - while I think it is still completely applicable, and I acknowledge that perhaps it hasn’t needed any updates in that time… I think the age of this framework since last update probably says nothing good about how well it has been used and loved.…

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Model Based Systems Engineering

I’m doing just a little learning about Digital Engineering, which seems to be almost synonymous with Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). The concept of MBSE is that, in contrast to more traditional methods where the team-of-teams creates documents to coordinate all efforts (think long contract-style English text), the team creates a variety of models. Some of those models would be UML-like diagrams, others might be executable. Each model interface provides a view on the underlying data & model - a view useful to some of the development teams for understanding what must get build.…

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