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Sourdough Experiment with More Whole Wheat

I don’t make sourdough posts every time I make sourdough, anymore. It’s a routine now. But this morning I’m going to try a little experiment. I have preferment for two loaves, and I’m going to add different amounts of whole wheat flour to them in the next stage. Normally I add no whole wheat flour, but I would like the loaves to rise a little more than usual, without waiting more time, and whole wheat flour jazzes the little guys up, so I think this might work.…

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Sourdough Bread

I made a couple loaves of bread a couple weeks ago, based on a recipe in this book Sarah asked for, Josie Baker Bread. It was good, but actually not as good as when Sarah makes bread out of the book. Mine was not mixed uniformly (the two types of flour were a little noticeable in the end product), and it was saltier than it should have been. When Sarah makes bread from these recipes, it comes out amazing.…

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